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Macon York Press

Mother's Day Bundle

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In addition to the tradition of celebrating our own moms, I propose that we broaden our understanding of this holiday to also honor and celebrate the many other mothers in our lives.  

How about we normalize sending "Happy Mother's Day" cards to our friends with kids? Let them know that you really see them in all they are doing.  

This day can be difficult for anyone struggling with any issue related to fertility.  Consider reaching out to your close friends that may be experiencing this.  

I know from my own experiences with pregnancy loss, that no words can really actually help, but the feeling of love and support from dear friends and family made all the difference.  

In other words, don't stress about saying the right thing. Just reach out and remind them of your love and support.  

I have created a new greeting card bundle for Mother's Day.
This includes ten cards plus a freebie sticker:  
- 2 Wildflower Mother's Day Cards
- 2 Dahlia Mother's Day Cards
- 2 Branch Mother's Day Cards
- 2 "Mama Bear" Cards
- 1 Yarrow Thinking of You Card
- 1 Phlox No Words Card
- 1 FREE mini Swallowtail sticker