Macon York Press Values

"Values are the guiding principles that direct you through life (and work), helping you make decisions, prioritize what's important to you, create healthy boundaries, and build a business and a life on your own terms." - Being Boss


These are my values:



Beauty is the experience of delight and appreciation. To have a heart full of joy and contentment. True satisfaction. Smiling with your soul. Beauty raises vibrance.

Everyone deserves beauty.

I strive to add more beauty to the world through my physical products (paper goods and letterpress offerings) as well as the experience of connection that is created by sending a hand-written card.

I encourage others to find beauty in the mundane and unexpected.  



Slow Living is the intentional decision to make more space for gratitude.

Taking time to prioritize what’s most important, letting go of rushing to get it all done.

Slow living is the extra step to make something more special and meaningful.

I practice slow living by creating original drawings, printing everything by hand one-at-a-time, and using clear and kind communication in all my correspondence. 



Nurturing Connection is love and tenderness. Feeling safe, feeling comforted, feeling held. Cultivating closeness and trust. Giving your full attention.

My mission is to facilitate connection through hand-written cards, meaningful art prints, and inspiring calendars. 



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