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Macon York Press

2025 Full Moon Calendar

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This calendar features the twelve months of the Gregorian Calendar paired with the Algonquian names for the Full Moon most closely associated with that month, as adapted by the Colonial Americans.

-- 2025 calendars will be flat-printed on 100% recycled paper.
-- 2025 calendars will NOT be letterpress-printed.

Macon York Press presents the Lunar Calendar for 2025! It features the 12 Gregorian Calendar months (January, February, etc.) combined with the Algonquin names for the Full Moon most closely associated with each month, as adapted by the Colonial Americans. I referenced the Old Farmer's Almanac for information about the meaning behind the Algonquin names. Many indigenous people across the earth used the moon cycles to mark the passing of time, and the full moon names represented the tasks and focus for that time period. This project is a gentle invitation to reconnect with each moon cycle and to notice the subtle and beautiful changes happening constantly in the natural world. 

As people who now live in an era of the internationally standardized Gregorian calendar, globalized food production systems, and climate controlled habitats, it is easy to allow the changing of the seasons to pass unnoticed – our needs are met throughout the year without regard to the seasons. I’m not suggesting we leave modern society and live as the Algonquians, but rather we take inspiration from the meanings behind their names for the full moons and apply that inspiration to our lives.

An indelible symbiosis exists between the planet on which we live and the plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria with whom we share it. By opening our eyes and taking special notice of the passing of time, we can open our hearts and enter more fully into the exquisite, divine beauty of life. This project is my humble and deeply personal attempt to listen anew to the rhythms of life, and as an artist, to share it with my community and beyond.

This calendar includes 13 two-color digitally printed pages featuring 12 original hand-drawn illustrations for the 12 months. Since there are 13 moons each year (and only 12 months), a 13th moon print is included with additional information and a note from the artist. The line drawings are printed in a single color overlaying a silver image of the full moon. At the bottom, there is a moon month calendar featuring the Full Moon and the New Moon, as well as the Summer/Winter Solstices and Spring/Autumn Equinoxes.

The paper is 100% recycled post-consumer waste and the printing is provided by a locally-owned print shop in Asheville, NC. Each of the thirteen, 2-color letterpress prints is 8.5” x 5.5,” to be hung vertically. A silver bulldog clip is included for display. We suggest hanging all 13 prints from the included clip on one nail in a solid wall. Many people hang each month as refrigerator art!

Each page consists of a hand-drawn illustration with a silver full moon and a small calendar for that month printed on top. Each print also includes an explanation of the meaning of the name of the full moon and a short reflection on how we can apply the meaning to our lives.

Each year I make a donation to First Nations Development Institute from a portion of the proceeds of this project. First Nations Development Institute improves economic conditions for Native Americans through direct financial grants, technical assistance & training, and advocacy & policy.

This project has been an abstract idea in my head for a long time, and the concept solidified in my creative spirit during the Solar Eclipse of August 2017. I was so inspired by the natural phenomenon and wanted to create a project to honor the moon, as well as our own intimate connection with nature in relation to the changing seasons. Each month provides an opportunity for observation of what is happening outside as well as for reflection on how we can live more in tune with the natural world.

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