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Macon York Press

Art Print, 12x18: Moon Garden

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“Moon Garden”

When the sun sets and the diurnal animals pass to slumber, the garden remains electric and brimming with life, governed by the moon and the rhythms of her phases. The night calms the noise and can provide clarity to those wise and courageous enough to seek to understand.

Even in the darkness of the New Moon, bats and moths engage in their ancient nightly dance — invisible aerial acrobatic predator and prey. In the brilliance of the Full Moon, the shadows and light play on the nocturnal blossoms of the Moon Flower, evolved to open when their pollinators (the moths) are available. 

Mugwort, the herb of dreams, with her silver leaves is most glorious in this light - as is Lamb’s Ear, soft and hazy, even in the light of day, thriving quietly in the shadier corners.

The wandering lightning bugs, each silently communicating with light produced from its living body, drift through the humid air searching for a mate. Together, their bioluminescent splendor blesses the Moon Garden with light made by life – our own representatives of living light, reflecting the celestial majesty of the sun and moon.

This 12x18 letterpress print, “Moon Garden” celebrates and acknowledges that even the most dedicated gardeners often miss the opportunity to engage in the harmony and drama of the nighttime garden. It is my hope that this print serves as a reminder to our diurnal eyes that the web of life in the world around us is persistent, eternal, and abundant – even in the absence of light.

This print has a tactile texture from the letterpress impression on cotton paper. It is suitable for framing and makes great wall art. Fits any standard 12"x18" frame.

This unique letterpress art print was printed by hand with love using an antique Vandercook #4 Letterpress Machine. Macon works out of her homestead studio in the mountains of Western North Carolina. 

100% Cotton Paper
118# Cover Weight (a nice, thick stock)

Pearl White
12" x 18"

Custom colors mixed by hand
VanSon rubber based ink

Clear plastic sleeve + chipboard


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